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boo to colleen.

on the "china/cutlery" front:

my sister officially gave the "no" on her plastic set of dishware that she has. i tried to point that when she does move out, hopefully she would have enough dough to spring for REAL dishes, but no go.

so therefore must find cheap set of dishes, etc, or force my sister. maybe i can get my ma involved...
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idea: do we all have respective dishes that we eat on in our rooms? because i know i have a plate and bowl, and if everyone else does to, we can just get a couple extras at a thrift store or in china town or whatever in case we ever have a dinner party (!)
my mom told me
chris said
they weren't going to have the yard sale until
i came back & sorted through things
for the apartment!!!!

i'm so happy! you guys should come visit me over spring break
/sort through the crrrap.